JM Powerspell PE 3/ Left Hand (GR/SV)

JM Powerspell PE 3/ Left Hand (GR/SV)
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JM Powerspell PE 3/ Left Hand (GR/SV)

The most desirable overhead jigging reel which comes with a brand new designed T-Bar and Dual-Dock docking Anti-Reverse System, is definitely a more suitable and comfortable design especially for long time intensive jigging

– Enhanced handle with ergonomically shaped aluminium Power T-bar
– 8 stainless ball-bearing and 1 stainless anti-reverse bearing
– Crafted with solid aluminium instead of the usual molding
– Single-docked mute anti-reverse system (for limited edition series)
– Dual docking gears design
– Excellent free spool
– Lever drag system
– Twin drag
– Limited Edition series
– Right Hand series
– Left Hand series


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