Megabass Metal-X Slide Wobbler (30g) Glow Chart

Megabass Metal-X Slide Wobbler (30g) Glow Chart
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Megabass Metal-X Slide Wobbler (30g) Glow Chart


Normal straight-sinking jigs sometimes sink right through schools of fish swimming near the surface, leaving little to effectively target. Even changing the lure to a minnow in such a situation often gets only mixed results. The METAL-X SLIDE WOBBLER has been designed to be the solution for such common lure selection woes. If you retrieve the SLIDE WOBBLER against the current like a spoon or plug instead of just dropping it, it performs an alluring wobbling, triggering bites from fish eaters. With vertical jigging, it performs the trademark horizontal fall of the METAL-X series, faithfully recreating the motion of a weakened bait fish. This time we are introducing a limited production run of a color scheme effective against flounder. With the combination of the SLIDE WOBBLER’s swimming and this new coloring, you will capture large flounder with ease.


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